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Welcome to the Hwitmearum webpage. Hwitmearum is the Oxfordshire branch of Regia Anglorum. Regia is a national re-enactment society that seeks to recreate the people who lived, built, fought and died in the Early Medieval Period.

Saxon craftsman showing of his work
Carpenter hard at work (Image courtasy of Rich Price)

We run combat training sessions where members are trained in competitive, semi-contact combat. These skills are then put to use on the battlefield where we, unlike many re-enactment societies, engage in an open ended unchoreographed battle. This means no one knows which side will win, which leads to a much more realistic and less stilted battle demonstration.

Saxons and Vikings fight in a forest
Heavy infantry clash in a forest (Image courtasy of Alison Offer)

Our primary tenet is authenticity. We strive to portray the Saxons, Vikings and Normans as accurately as possible by using physical and manuscript evidence from this historical period. At our shows people are often seen undertaking crafts using the tools and materials of the period in order to understand and demonstrate how skilled these ancient people were.

If you feel that this is the hobby for you then please head for our Joining Up page.

Hwitmearum is available to hire for shows, fairs and demonstrations, if you are a show organiser and would like to know more about the services we can provide please head to our Hiring Us page.