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Joining Us

If you are interested in joining a dark age re-enactment society and you think that Hwitmearum may be the group for you then read on.
Membership is open to all, however under 16s must be accompanied by a guardian and we do require that we meet any potential new members before signing them up.

The initial kit needed is relatively cheap and even easy to make yourself. We are more than happy to help out with pointing out clothing patterns, making sure your gear fits with Authenticity Regulations or lending a hand putting something together.

Viking/Saxon basic equipment
Basic soldiers equipment (Image Courtesy of Joanna Heaton)

All members who wish to take part in battle re-enactments have to take a test before they are allowed on the field - not to see how good you are just to ensure everyone remains safe. All warriors start out with a spear and shield, the basic weapons of the period. Once proficiency with these has been proven you may move on to learn other weapons such as sword and axe.

Local military training session
Local military training session (Image Courtesy of Joanna Heaton)

If combat is not your thing we also have other proficiencies for you to learn such as archery, horse riding, sailing a longship and the large number of skills that are presented on the Living History Exhibit such as carving, weaving, embroidering and tapestry work and leather work to name a few. Interacting with members of the public and informing them of the lives and skills of the people we re-enact is also involved on the LHE.

Full Members - £20
Associate Members - £10
Family Members (Under 16) - £0
Junior Members (16-18) - £15
Combatant Juniors - £20
Concessionary Rate - £15

Some form of documentary proof is required for those claiming unemployed or student status. A photocopy is acceptable.

All membership runs from October to October. If you are interested in joining please contact us at hwitmearumgroupleader@yahoo.co.uk and find out where to meet us, either at a local training session or at a Regia National Event.