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Ƿes þu hal!

Welcome to early medieval Oxfordshire. This is the time of the Anglo Saxons, from the time of King Alfred and his struggles against the Vikings, through to the Norman conquest and the early years of the Norman period.

Hwitmearum is the Oxfordshire branch of Regia Anglorum (Regia). Regia is a national re-enactment society that seeks to portray the lives of the people who lived, built, fought and died from the ninth to eleventh century, although we sometimes venture a hundred years earlier or later.

Viking wheels
Viking wheels made by a Hwitmearum member and based on wheels found with the Oseberg ship burial

Hwitmearum is a family based group. We portray many different aspects of the lives of the people of the time; from the drama of the battle field to the tasks of day to day living. If you visit one of our shows, alongside the skirmishing warriors, you might encounter food preparation, spinning, weaving or dying, music, metal or woodwork, antler or bone work, stone masonry, leather work, writing and manuscript illumination, games or music.

Show Pictures

Our primary tenet is authenticity. We strive to portray the Anglo Saxons, Vikings and Normans as accurately as possible by using archaeological and manuscript evidence from the time. At our shows, people can be seen using the tools and materials of the period, or skirmishing with the weapons of a thousand years ago. Our members are always happy to engage with the public; we hope to give our visitors an insight into this fascinating period.

Where now is the warhorse? Where now is the warrior? Where now is the wealth-giver?

Where are the seats of the feasts? Where are the songs of the hall?

O for the bright meadcup! O for the mail-clad man! O for the forces of the king! How they have faded, those times, darkened beneath the night-helm, as if they never were!

The Wanderer
10th century, translated from the Old English

Hwitmearum aims to bring this vanished past back to life. We can provide a living history encampment and small combat displays for museums, shows, fairs and demonstrations throughout Oxfordshire. If you are organising an event and would like to include a historical reenactment, please head to our Hiring Us page.

Saxons and Vikings fight in a forest
Warriors clash in a forest

We welcome enquiries from potential new members. As well as the combat and the living history, there are opportunities to get involved in Regia's permanent site, Wychurst (Kent), where we have built a recreation of a tenth century manorial burh. Nothing beats sitting around the fire in the long hall while the wolves howl outside. From time to time there are also opportunities to sail one of Regia’s viking ships, or to take part in the horse displays. Take a look at the photo page to see some of our activities.

If you feel that this is the hobby for you then please head for our Joining Up page.

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